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Detail Article About Noor-e-Mohammadi (Salallaho Alaihi Wasallam PART-2

Ghawth Azam Sayyid Muhiyud-Deen `Abdul-Qaadir Jilani
This is a quote from Ghawth Azam Sayyid Muhiyud-Deen `Abdul-Qaadir Jilani on the Light of our master, the Holy Prophet MuHammad . Their are also many other quotes from him and other great and leading Qaadree's of course, but I beleive this quote should be enough inshaa-Allaahu Ta`aalaa.

Ghawth Azam (Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir, d. 561) in his book Sirrul-asraar fee maa yahtaaju ilayhil-abraar (p. 12-14 of the Lahore edition) said:

Know that since Allah first created the soul of Muhammad from the light of His beauty, as He said:
"I created Muhammad from the light of My Face," and as the Prophet said:
"The first thing Allah created is my soul," and "the first thing Allah created is the Pen," and "the first thing Allah created is the intellect" --
what is meant by all this is one and the same thing, and that is the haqeeqa muhammadiyya. However, it was named a light because it is completely purified from darkness, as Allah said:
"There has come to you from Allah a Light and a manifest Book." (Quran verse missing]
It was also named an intellect because it is the cause for the transmission of knowledge, and the
pen is its medium in the world of letters. The Muhammadan soul (ar-rooH al-muHammadiyya) is therefore the quintessence of all created things and the first of them and their origin, as the Prophet said:
"I am from Allah and the believers are from me," and Allah created all souls from me in the spiritual world and He did so in the best form. It is the name of the totality of mankind in that primordial world, and after its creation by four thousand years, Allah created the Throne from the light of Muhammad himself and from it the rest of creation."

This book has now been translated by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak al-Jerrahi as The Secret of
Secrets (Cambridge: Islamic Texts Society, 1994).

I will also post some material regarding the post of brother Tariq inshaa-Allaah. One who reads the posts i mailed earlier will see that Imam Ibnul-Hajj al-Makkee (raHmatullaahi `alay) did not quote the Hadeethi-Noor from Imaam `Abdur-Razzaaq [d. 211ah] as brother Tariq wrote. He quoted and accepted a version of the Hadeethi-Noor from a different authority (i.e. not from al-Imaam `Abdur-Razzaaq, whose version is also SaHeeH). Imaam Ibnul-Hajj also writes a lot more things in acceptance of this subject as well). So it is not permitted to reject it based on the assumption of a modern day scholar against the words of the great A'immah and MuHadditheen of the past.

Imam Khaatim-Hafiz Jalal-uddin SuyooTee
Imam Khaatim-Hafiz Jalal-uddin SuyooTee (raHmatullaahi `alay)
Born in 849h=1445g. He memorized Quran when he was less than 8 years old. He taught in Cairo for a long time. He has written about 500 books.

on this subject. He has a chapter on the Light of the Holy Prophet in his book, "al-KhaSaa'isul-Kubra," which is printed in two volumes in saudi arabia. I have personally seen this quote in there when I went to saudi arabia. I am not sure though if this is the same book as "al-KhaSaa'isun-Nabawiyya" also by Imam SuyooTee. Anyway, this is the quote:

"Aboo Hurayrah (raDiyallaahu `anhu), narrates that the Holy Prophet said:

"lamaa khalaqallaahu Aadama araahu baneehi faja`ala yaraa faDaa'ila ba`Dihim `alaa ba`din ra'aa nooran saaTi`an fee asfalihim faqaala yaa Rabbee man haadhaa qaala haadhaa ibnuka AHmadu wahuwa awwalu wahuwa aakhiru wahuwa awwalu shaafi`in.""

"When Allaah created Adam he showed him his children, and he was able to see the excellence of some over others. He saw an wide-encompassing light among the last of them and he said: "O my Lord, who is this?" He replied: "This is your son Ahmad and he is first and he is last and he is the first to intercede."

Ref: as-SuyooTee, al-KhaSaa'iSul-kubraa', vol. 1, p. 96 (MaTboo`a: saudi arabia).

All I can say is subhanallaah!

Note: this Hadeeth has been quoted from Sayyidunaa Aboo Hurayra (raDiyallaahu `anhu) and not Sayyidunaa Jaabir (raDiyallaahu `anhu). Please take note of this.

Imaam Fakhr-uddin ar-Raazee
This is yet another quote on this blessed subject by another great scholar of Islaam, Shaykh al-Islaam, Mujaddid and Mufassir, al-Imaam Fakhr-uddin ar-Raazee (raHmatullaahi `alay). He writes:

"innal malaa'ikata umiroo bis-sajoodi li Aadama li'ajli anna noora MuHammadin `alayhis-salaamu fee jabhati Aadama."

"The angels were ordered to prostrate to Adam for the reason that the light of Muhammad `alayhis-salaam was in Adam's forehead."

Ref: ar-Raazee, Tafseer al-kabeer, vol. 2, p. 302. Imaam Yoosuf an-Nabahaanee (raHmatullaahi `alay) has also quoted this in his book, "Jawaahirul-bihaar, p. 455".

Iblees could not see that light and boasted why he should prostrate to a human. As a result of this, Allaah Ta`aalaa made him into the ShayTaan. The angels saw the light and they all prostrated.

I have so many quotes on this subject that I don't know if I'll be able to post all of them. Inshaa-Allaahu Ta`aalaa, I will post Imaam Ibnul-Jawzee's (raHmatullaahi `alay) quote next.

Imam Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Baaqee az-Zarqaanee
Imam Muhammad ibn `Abdul-Baaqee az-Zarqaanee (raHmatullaahi `alay) wrote one of the most famous commentaries on Imam Shahab-uddin Ahmad al-Qastalaanee's (raHmatullaahi `alay) very famous book on the Holy Prophet "al-Mawaahibul-Ladunniyya".

This is what al-Imaam az-Zarqaanee (raHmatullaahi `alay) writes about the light of our Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad :

"`aynan-nooril-AHmadiyya limushaarin liyuhi biqawlihee `alayhiS-Salaatu was-salaamu awwalu maakhalaqallaahu nooree kamaa fee Hadeethi Jaabirin `inda `Abdir-Razzaaqi marfoo`an yaa Jaabiru innallaaha Ta`aalaa qad khalaqa qablal ash-yaa'i noora nabiyyika min-noorihee."

"The Muhammadan light itself is the person of the Prophet according to his saying:
"The first thing which Allaah created was my light" in the hadith of Jabir related by `Abd ar-Razzaq and traced back to the Prophet [marfoo`]:
"O Jabir, Allaah the Exalted created before all things the light of your Prophet from [the spiritual Enlightenments of] His very [Divine] light[s]."

Ref: az-Zarqaanee, Sharh al-Mawaahib (Printed: Egypt), vol. 1, p. 27.

I wanted to type something about the current issue facing the Ummah today, but have found that all of the mails mentioning that issue have become unaccessible (well to me anyway).

I do not want that to happen to this mail, so I will not mention it (well all of you know whats going on), but pray to and ask all of the readers to ask Allaah Ta`aalaa to help our brothers and sisters who are being attacked by the forces of the shayTaan, dajjaal and munaafiqeen for the sake of His Beloved HoDoor Ghawth al-A`DHam QuTb al-aqTaab sayyidul-asyaad Shaykh
al-Malak wal-Jinn wal-Ins `alal-iTlaaq sayyidunaa wa sanadunaa wa murshadinaa Aboo MuHammad Muhiyyud-Deen `Abdul-Qaadir Jeelaanee (quddisa sirruhur-rabbaanee) and the blessed land where he rests - AAMEEN YAA RABBUL-MUSTAFAA' -

Hafiz Imam `Abdur-Rahman Abul-Faraj Jamaal-uddin ibn al-Jawzee al-Hanbali
Hafiz Imam `Abdur-Rahman Abul-Faraj Jamaal-uddin ibn al-Jawzee al-Hanbali (raHmatullaah `alay) was one of the greatest Hanbali scholars. He narrates the following in his very famous book of the Holy Prophet :

Ka`b al-Ahbâr (raDiyallâhu `anhu) relates:
"When Allâh the Exalted wanted to create the human body of Muhammad , he ordered angel
Jibra'îl (`alayhis-salâm) to find some pure and clean clay worthy of being used for it. He brought some white clay from the very place where the nobel grave of the Messenger of Allâh is. This clay was perfumed with the water of tasnîm (a great stream of Paradise) and then washed in [other] streams of paradise. (After this the light of Prophethood was placed into it) and this was taken around the Throne and Seat, the Pen and Preserved Tablet, the heavens and earth, so that all their inhabitants may recognise his rank and honour. It is related from him that after the creation of Âdam, the light of Muhammad was placed into his loins and it would glitter on his forehead. It was said to him, 'O Âdam, he will be from your children and he will be the master of the Prophets and Messengers.' When Hawwa' became pregnant with Shîth, that light transferred to her with him. She would always give birth to twins, but Shîth was born
unaccompanied as an honour [to the Holy Prophet MuHammad ]. This was one of the blessings of carrying the light of the Prophet and being one of its forefathers, who were to deliver the light to pure and chaste ladies until its birth. It is also related that Âdam gave Shîth (`alayhiS-Salâtu was-salâm) some advise:
'Your loins contain the light of Muhammad . Deliver this to pure and chaste ladies.' This advise was given by all fathers to their sons, generation after generation. Hence, the light passed through the nobelest of pure women to other pure ones until it reached the loins of its owner, the son of `Abdul-MuTTalib, `Abdullâh."

Ref: Ibn al-Jawzî, al-Wafâ bi ahwâl al-Mustafâ (Faisalabad: Maktaba Nûriyya RiDwiyya), 1:34-35

He says a similar statement in his book on the Mawlid:

"falammaa ayqana Aadamu bil-mawti akhadha biyadi waladihee Sheetha wa qaala yaa bunayya innallaaha Tabaaraka wa Ta`aalaa amaranee an aakhudha `alayka `ahdan min ajali haadhan-nooril-ladhee awaa fee wajhika an laa taDa`ahoo illaafil-aT-hareena minannisaa'i"

"As Adam appraoched the time of his death, he held the hand of his son Sheeth and said: 'O son! Allaah Tabaaraka wa Ta`aalaa has ordered me to advise you about the light which shines in your forehead. You must deliver this to the pure and chasty ladies."

Ref: Ibn al-Jawzee, Bayaan Meelaadun-Nabawee, p. 20.
This has also been quoted word for word by Imaam al-Bakree in his"Kitaab al-Anwaar wa miSbaaH as-suroor wal-afkaar, p. 6-7."

Their are still many statements from these and other scholars to come. Please save them onto disk so that you do not loose them.

Imam `Ali ibn Burhan-uddin al-Halabee
This is what Imam `Ali ibn Burhan-uddin al-Halabee (raHmatullaahi `alay) wrote in his famous Seerah on the Holy Prophet :

"idhaa masha fish-shamsi aw fil-qamari laa yakoonu lahoo Sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallama DHillun li'annahoo kaana nooran."

"If he walked in sunlight or in moonlight he had no shadow because he was light."

Ref: al-Halabee, Seerat al-Halabiyya (Printed: Egypt), vol. 3, p. 381