Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hadiths for Practical Living

I leave with you two things; as long as you hold fast to them both, you will never be misguided � the Kitab (Book) of Allah and Sunnat of His Rasool (Messenger). (Muwatta)
He has tasted the sweetness of faith who is pleased with Allah as Rabb, with Islam as Deen and with Muhammad (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) as Rasool (Messenger). (Sahih Muslim)
Blessed is he who is guided to Islam, and whose livelihood is just sufficient and who is contented therewith. (Tirmidhi)
Everyone of my followers will enter Jannat (Paradise) except he who refused. He (the Rasool of Allah) was asked: And who has refused (truth)? He said: Whosoever obeys me shall enter Jannat (Paradise) and whoever disobeys me has refused. (Sahih Bukhari)
The Pleasure of the Rabb is in the pleasure of the father, and the displeasure of the Rabb is in the displeasure of the father. (Tirmidhi)
A man asked: O Rasool of Allah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam): What are the rights of the parents over their children? He replied: They are your Jannat (Paradise) and your Jahannam (Hell). (Ibn-Majah)
No father can give a better gift to his son than good manners. (Tirmidhi)
Let no believing man hate a believing woman. If he hates one trait of her character, he should be pleased with another that is within her. (Sahih Muslim)
Whichever female dies while her husband was pleased with her, will enter Jannat (Paradise). (Tirmidhi)
The most perfect of the believers in faith is he who is the best of them in conduct, and the best of you are those who are the best to their wives. (Tirmidhi)
If a young man shows honour to an old man on account of his age, Allah will create for him in his old age someone who will show him honour. (Tirmidhi)
You will see the believers in their mutual kindness, displaying love and sympathy just like one body. When a limb complains, the whole body responds to it with wakefulness and fever. (Agreed)
You shall not enter Jannat until you believe; and you will not believe until you love one another. Shall I not guide you a thing? When you will do it, you will love one another. Spread (Salaam) among you. (Sahih Muslim)
Be not happy over (the sorrows of) your brother, lest Allah shows mercy to the latter and tries you. (Tirmidhi)
The duties of a Muslim towards another Muslim are five: to return his greeting, to visit the sick, to follow the bier of a dead man, to accept his invitation, and to respond to one's sneezes. (Agreed)
Eat together and be not separate, because blessings is only with the united body. (Ibn-Majah)
If a Muslim is afficted with any trouble, continuous pain, anxiety, sorrow, harm, disaster, and even a thorn which he is pierced with - Allah expiates his minor sins thereof. (Agreed)
Allah is not kind to one who is not kind to men. (Agreed)
He who is devoid of kindness is devoid of good. (Sahih Muslim)
Be careful of (narrating) traditions from me except what you know. Whoso imputes falsehood to me intentionally, let him then seek his abode in the fire. (Tirmidhi)
When a man dies, all his actions are cut off from him except three: ever recuring charity; or knowledge from which benefit it derived; or virtuous son praying for him. (Sahih Muslim)
Whoso interprets the Quran according to his opinion, let him seek his abode in the fire. And in a naration: Whoso interprets the Quran without knowledge, let him seek his abode in the fire. (Tirmidhi)
Whoever guides towards good, will have a reward of one who acts up to it. (Hadith)
The dearest to me among you is he who is the best of you in conduct. (Sahih Bukhari)
Whoso gives up falsehood which is void, there is built for him a mansion in the corner of Jannat; and whoso gives up dispute while he has right (to it), there is built for him a mansion in the middle of Jannat; and whoso makes his conduct good, there is built for him a mansion in its loftiest part. (Tirmidhi)