Thursday, September 20, 2012

i love huzoor sunnah

Qadi Iyad Qadi `Iyad said in his book al-Shifa', in the chapter on the nobility of the Prophet's lineage: " Ibn `Abbas said that the spirit of the Prophet was a light in front of Allah two thousand years before he created Adam. That light glorified Him and the angels glorified by his glorification. When Allah created Adam, he cast that light into his loins. " Imam Hafiz Suyuti said in Manahil al-Safa (p. 53 #128): "Ibn Abi `Umar al-`Adani relates it in his Musnad. " [I have seen this reference myself when I went to saudi arabia last year] In Takhrij ahadith sharh al-mawaqif (p. 32 #12) Imam Suyuti cites it with the wording: " The Quraysh were a light in front of Allah. "