Friday, December 12, 2014

The Anatomy of MEHFIL-E-MILAD For Munkir-e-Milad

Please read with open heart and mind. May Allah give you courage to accept the TRUTH REQUEST: PLEASE MAKE COPY OF THIS LITERATURE AND DISTRIBUTE AMONG YOUR FAMILY, RELATIVES AND FRIENDS If somebody tells me that celebrating the birth of the Prophet Muhammad is Kufr, Shirk or Bid'at? I will ask that person only one question and end the discussion, please show me where in Quran or Hadith it is mentioned that commemoration of Milad-un-Nabi on any day specially on twelve Rabi-Awaal is not allowed? On contrary, in Quran Allah Himself narrated the detail of Adam creation and the detail story of the birth of Hadrat Essa (Jesus) Alai Salam. Almost all the messengers of Allah Ta'ala has been foretelling their ummah the coming of the last Prophet Muhammad
Muhammad is a vital link between Allah Ta'ala and Mankind and Love of the Prophet Muhammad is an essential part of one's Iman. Thus Allah Ta'ala commands Muslims to follow (Muhammad ) in Quran as "Say: O, people! if you do love Allah, follow me , Allah will love you and forgive your sins" (Surah Ale-Imran, Verse 31). . The direction is double sided. On the one side, One must follow the Holy Prophet if one loves Allah Almighty , while on the other, one must follow the Holy Prophet if one wants to be loved by Allah Almighty.
In other words, as far as love of Allah Almighty is concerned, the follow-up of Holy Prophet is a pre-requisite. This is what Allah Almighty declares. Now listen to what the Holy Prophet declares: "That is, none of you is Momin (believer) unless I am dearer to him than his parents, his children and all other persons." (Sahih Bukhari). All other persons would naturally include all relatives, friends, authoroties etc. It is this divine love that every Muslim Momin feels in their hearts and pay the highest respect to our beloved Prophet after Allah Ta'ala and when the month of Rabi-Awwal comes these Ashiq-e-Rasul start celebrating the birth of their master (Aaqa) Muhammad with great joy in the form of Mehfil-e-Milad.
Unfortunately, among us there are those who mislead innocent Muslim brothers and sisters by calling Mehfil-e-Milad shirk, Bid'at etc, etc and prevent straightforward Muslims from commemorating the birthday of the holy prophet and thus denied them from receiving great blessing of Allah Ta'ala. Also it has seen that those who object on celebrating birthday of our prophet when it comes to their own children they forget all shirk and bid'at fatwa and celebrate their children's birthday or Aqeeqa willingly.
The purpose of this literature is to show our Muslim brothers and sisters that commencing Mehfil-e-Milad is not against the sharia but it is in accordance to the spirit of Islam. If some one does not like Mehfil-e-Milad it does not mean that celebrating mehfil-e-Milad itself is wrong. In other words if someone does not practice Islam it does not mean Islam itself is bad.
A typical Mehfil-e-Milad consist of the following events. The sequence of events may vary but almost all Milad-un-Nabi gathering consist of all or majority of the following events.
Recitation of Quran-ul-Hakeem
Hamd-e-Allah Ta'ala
Speeches on the life of the Prophet Muhammad
Salat (darood)-o-Salam
Distribution of sweets or Dinner
Now I will Analyze each event and see if it is in accordance to Islam or not. The objective is to prove, if an individual event is in accordance to the Shariah then the whole event collectively is also permissible?
Nobody has any objection in reading or recitation of the Holy Quran.
Hamd is a way to praise the Almighty Allah Subhana Ta'ala. Every particle in the universe say Tasbeeh of Allah Ta'ala. Zikr-e-Allah is peace of heart for the momin. Munkir-e-Milad has no objection on it.
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