Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Under the spiritual Guidance of Hafiz O Qari Maulana Shakir Noorie (Amire Sunni Dawate Islami ) Extend warm and sincere Invitation
Sunni Dawate Islami For One Day professional special Noorie Qafila to purify your soul and better equip yourself For AAKHIRAT...!
Details: DAY : Sunday 2nd Oct 2016
Time : 7am to 7pm
Venue : Hera school Hera complex Mahapoli Bhiwandi Thane Maharashtra
Total expense: 300/ Rs only
Training Agenda: *Tajweed * Day to day Fiqhi Masaail *Duaa & wazaaif *Open Questions and answers session
Attention elite professionalist like....! * Doctors , *Engineers * Lawyers , *Teachers * Pharmacists * Dentists etc...! You have achieved honourable and Respective status in society. *You are aware all your material earning will stay back. *Have you prepared yourself for same pleasure in JANNAT If no , then why wait...!
For More Details...! Feel Free to contact: 📞 Call or 📲 WhatsApp **SDI OFFICE : 022 23451292 *Shadabur Rehman 9920629445. * Imtiyaz Khan 9322096776 *Iliyas Shaikh 8291110603. *Shadab Chaugle 9773449936. *Dr. Imtiyaz Memon 9987817869. *Maulana Junaid sb 9702670901.
In Sha Allah SDI Noorie Qafila training Will change your extravagant life to Islamicly enlighted one ......!
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